Battery Sling



This heavy duty 2 ply 2″ x 5′ Battery sling has been designed to hook into the lifting eye on both ends of the battery and lift with the forks of any forklift to allow the safe movement of industrial lift truck batteries.

Designed for 1 person use with the hook orientation that allows the hooks to stay in place while the operator gets back on the forklift.

Avoids hazards associated with using a chain that can short out expensive batteries.

Extra layer of protection on the 12” round ring where it comes into contact with the forks.

Rated for 3500 pounds and comes with working load limit tag with 360° stitching and clear cover for extended wear durability in working environments.

Made in the USA from high quality polyester to combat the harsh effects of industrial work areas.

Discount for Battery Slings

5% discount applies if you order more than 5 units.

10% discount applies if you order more than 10 units.

15% discount applies if you order more than 25 units.

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs