We are your source for Maryland Battery Recycling! Surrounded by fertile farmland, Valley Industrial Battery has always been committed to the highest environmental standards through a company-wide dedication to environmental health and safety.As a industrial battery company that deals daily with lead-acid batteries we are committed to the recycling industry to protect our environment.

In today’s world, environmental responsibility has become everybody’s job. In the case of lead-acid batteries, environmental stewardship must be shared, not only by the companies that manufacture batteries, but by those who use the batteries as well. The lead and acid in batteries, if improperly handled, can contaminate both water and soil, causing environmental damage and personal injury. For this reason, spent batteries are classified as a hazardous waste and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Most State and Federal regulations forbid disposal of batteries by incineration or release to landfills. Those regulations also discourage any long-term storage. Recycling has become the most viable option approved by the EPA for lead-acid batteries.

With our experience and proven record of spent battery management, Valley Industrial Battery can help reduce your potential for regulatory liability.

Valley Industrial Battery has long been committed to an environmental policy that enhances not only the workplace, but our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve.