Service Calls

We are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of battery and charger repairs by any manufacturer at your location. We can replace battery cells, replace intercell connectors, cables, watering systems, we can evaluate your batteries for potential bad cells. For your chargers we can troubleshoot and repair, control boards, blown fuses and diodes, replace cable assemblies,and much more.

24/7 On-Site Service

No matter the time,Valley Industrial Battery technicians are available for all your on-site service needs. All trucks are stocked with parts and knowledgeable technicians to get your batteries and chargers back up and running.

Battery Maintenance

Valley Industrial Battery offers load testing for your batteries which is vital to determining the capacity of your battery and detecting problems with individual cells. Our maintenance also includes (when requested) acid adjusting, recharging, cleaning, and neutralizing your battery.

Portable Battery Wash

Have a fleet of batteries that you just cant seem to keep clean? Have Valley Industrial Battery come out with our portable wash cabinets and clean your entire inventory of batteries, reducing maintenance costs by reducing corrosion to key components.

Preventative Maintenance

Protect your motive power investments by contracting Valley Industrial Battery to conduct weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly preventative maintenance to fit your company’s schedule. PMs can detect issues within your fleet before they become problems that will cost you money, whether you have a battery fleet of1 or hundreds of batteries. We can also make any repairs to items found at time of the PM to reduce service call fees.

Battery Preventative Maintenance includes:

  • Visually inspect overall condition (Evidence of over or underwatering, operating temperatures, corrosion, etc.)
  • Check battery for cracked jars and covers
  • Check electrolyte level, add water as required
  • Inspect for cracked, damaged or missing vent caps
  • Check battery straps, cables, and connectors
  • Take voltage readings of all cells
  • Check specific gravity of representative cells
  • Cleaning battery at customer site
  • Provide written recommendations when further repairs or maintenance is required.

Additional Services include:

  • Removing corrosion
  • Neutralizing
  • Cleaning cell covers

Rental Batteries and Chargers

Have a short-term need for a battery or charger? Call Valley Industrial Battery to discuss your needs well even deliver and install the battery or charger for you!


From cables and connectors to fuses and control boards, Valley Industrial Battery stocks a comprehensive list of parts made just for your batteries and chargers. This reduces your down-time by assuring you that whatever parts you made need to get your material handling equipmentback up and running.


In the interest of ensuring your employees’ safety and maximizing the life of your batteries, we will share our knowledge or proper handling and maintenance procedures with any employees you designate.